CPR On Your Friends

 In Classes

Say you went out to dinner with a friend one evening. You are sitting at nicely set table, in a quiet dining room, enjoying a piece of rare steak. After a sip of red wine, you look up to find that your friend is having a heart attack. What do you do? Do you jump up and yell for someone to call 911? Or do you push yourself out of your chair, running to the other side of the table and administer CPR on your friends chest, after which the paramedics get to the restaurant and safely transport your friend to the hospital where they receive the aftercare they need, but you are the one who ultimately saved their life? Are you ready to perform CPR on your friends?


It is as simple has becoming certified in CPR, that you can save a friend, family member or even a stranger. Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training is not just for medical professionals anymore. The average person can be equipped the knowledge and techniques needed to assist in saving someone’s life. Classes are provided to train people on CPR and the situations in which these procedures can be used to help someone who is experiencing a heart attack; someone is having a stroke; or someone who has stopped breathing due to unknown circumstances at that time.


Do not believe for one minute that you cannot help someone in need if the time came. Get certified. Your friends will thank you.


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