CPR Manikins – A Dummies Guide (Part 2)

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CPR Manikins

CPR Manikins – A Dummies Guide

In last week’s post, we reviewed the 3 things that are most important to choosing a CPR manikin: Durability, Cleanliness, and Price.  In this week’s post, we will give the “no brainer” award to the top CPR Dummy on the market.



The three most popular manikins on the market are the Little Anne, Simulaids Sani-Man, and CPR Prompt.  We will go over each based on our criteria above.


Durability – Little Anne is a very durable CPR manikin and their parts are replaceable. Anne will last, but their lungs can be a problem to replace.  Simulaids’ Sani-man is extremely durable, and it’s 2 piece construction makes the manikin construction simple.  CPR Prompt manikins have been known to break and are, unfortunately, not the most durable on the market.


Cleanliness – Lungs = cleanliness.  Little Anne and CPR Prompt both have interior lungs which can lead to bacterial problems and trouble cleaning if the lung bags break.   Also the Little Anne has replaceable face piece which makes them more difficult to clean.  The Sani-Man lung system acts as both a face barrier and a lung system, making it the cleanest CPR manikin of our trial.


Price – Little Anne – $187, Sani Man – $87, CPR Prompt – $57.  These prices are for 1 adult manikin.


So, who wins the award for “no brainer” manikin?


Simulaids Sani-Man takes the nod for best CPR manikin.  It’s reasonable price, ease of cleaning, and solid construction take the prize.  It also is one of the most life-life feeling manikins on the market as well.   Simulaids CPR manikins – they’re a no brainer!

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