CPR – Costa Rican Style

 In Classes

Last month, SureFire CPR traveled to Costa Rica and trained the locals!  Armed with homemade dummies complete with coconut heads, the SureFire CPR team trained the teaching staff at Intercultura Language and Cultural Center.  Intercultura’s campus is beachfront in the beautiful town of Samara located on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.


In Costa Rica it can take hours for emergency services to arrive, so our staff decided to train the locals so they can be ready!


A special thanks to Laura Ellington and Estefania Vargas for their help and support.  If you are looking to learn Spanish in paradise, check them out at www.SamaraLanguageSchool.com.


Very soon, SureFire CPR will begin offering classes in both English and Spanish.

Pura Vida!


SureFire CPR SureFire CPR - Costa Rica! Head Tilt, Chin Lift Mangos all around! Maybe if I don't move, they won't see me... Local Flavor...

CPR Break!

Call 911!

Mouth to mouth???

CPR Certifications!

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