CPR and AED – Same Day Certification Card!

(2 Year Certification)

Recommended for: Laypeople, Security Guards, Fitness Trainers and Teachers.

The CPR and AED Class covers:

  • How to Administer Adult, Child and Infant CPR: Learn how to provide CPR to individuals of all ages.
  • How to Use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and Special Considerations: Learn about AEDs, how they work, where to locate them and how to use them during critical situations.
  • How to Assist Conscious and Unconscious Choking Victims: Learn how to identify and support choking victims until advanced medical personnel arrive on scene.

**This class fulfills the CPR requirement for the California Teaching Credential

**This class is NOT for Daycare Providers, Preschool Teachers or Bus Drivers (Please take our Pediatric First Aid and CPR Course)

**This class is NOT for Healthcare Providers (Please take our BLS course if you are in healthcare!)

Running Time: 3 Hours

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CPR Certification Classes and Training

SureFire CPR in Southern California is a leader for providing CPR certification classes and training to become certified or recertified in CPR. We take pride in providing our students with the life-saving instructions needed to respond in the event of an emergency. With a mission to deliver exceptional CPR training, our certification classes are led by expert instructors to receive the training you need for effective CPR response.

The Importance of CPR Certification

CPR helps save lives, and those who become CPR-certified may prove to be the difference between life or death.

If a person suffers sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), the heart suddenly stops beating. When this happens, blood no longer flows to the brain and other essential organs. And if SCA goes unaddressed, a victim may die within minutes.

Ultimately, CPR empowers individuals of all ages and skill levels to become life-savers. CPR training teaches men, women and children how to provide life-saving support in SCA emergencies and other life-threatening situations. That way, CPR-certified individuals possess the skills and confidence they need to administer critical assistance in a wide range of emergencies.

How to Get Your CPR Certification

SureFire CPR understands that every one has different situations and requirements when learning CPR, which is why we offer multiple options for CPR training. We have multiple locations where you can receive the training you need, with flexible class times to accommodate your personal schedule. In addition, you’re able to train at your home or in your office, no matter where you are located throughout Southern California, for added convenience.

When attending classes at one of our locations, students benefit from small class sizes in a comfortable environment. Or, we can accommodate your needs to receive training in your home or business by giving us a call. We’re able to work with small groups in your home and larger groups of 80+ at places of business, making it simple to certify your entire organization in CPR.

CPR Certification

CPR Certification

CPR Training Courses

SureFire CPR offers quick access to register for CPR training by either registering online or calling one of our locations. Through our courses, students learn how to properly respond to cardiac and respiratory distress situations. This includes the knowledge and use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

In our stress-free and supportive environment, students learn how to properly assess patients and clear airways to perform the necessary steps to CPR. You’ll achieve the CPR certification you need to meet recommended guidelines for both children and adults through our quick training.

You’ll be given your certification card once you’ve successfully completed our course requirements. Your CPR certification card is provided the same day that you finish your class and will remain valid for two years.

CPR Renewal Certifications

SureFire CPR understands the importance of having a valid CPR certification, which is why we offer simple CPR certification renewals. By refreshing your knowledge of the skills needed to perform CPR, you’re better able to successfully respond during an emergency. We’ll help you review your training to achieve your CPR renewal fast.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our CPR certification courses, please contact SureFire CPR today. We are more than happy to assist you with the knowledge and confidence you need for a CPR certification.

Why Should You Choose CPR Training from SureFire CPR?

There are many reasons to select SureFire CPR for CPR certification or renewal, including:

  • World-Class Lessons: We blend hands-on and classroom lessons to teach students the skills they need to administer CPR quickly and effectively.
  • Professional Instructors: Our CPR classes are taught by emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics, registered nurses (RNs) and other medical experts, all of whom are happy to share their real world insights with students.
  • Convenient Locations: We provide CPR training at various locations across Southern California, making it easy to enroll in a class that is close to home.
  • Flexible Class Schedules: We offer CPR classes at many days and times throughout the week, ensuring students can sign up for courses that fit their schedules.
  • Same-Day Certification: Students can earn CPR certification or recertification in a matter of hours.

Enroll in a CPR class from SureFire CPR today – you’ll be happy you did. To find out more about our CPR classes, please call us at (888) 277-3143.