CPR and AED – Same Day Certification Card!

(2 Year Certification)

SureFire CPR is proud to offer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training in Los Angeles. Our CPR certification classes in Los Angeles teach students how to administer life-saving assistance in cardiac emergencies.

Recommended for: Laypeople, Security Guards, Fitness Trainers and Teachers.

The CPR and AED Class covers:

  • Adult, Child, and Infant CPR
  • How to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) & special considerations
  • Conscious and Unconscious Choking for victims of all ages

**This class fulfills the CPR requirement for the California Teaching Credential

**This class is NOT for Daycare Providers or Preschool Teachers (Please take our Pediatric First Aid and CPR Course)

**This class is NOT for Healthcare Providers (Please take our BLS course if you are in healthcare!)

Running Time: 3 Hours

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What to Expect During CPR Training in Los Angeles


Our CPR training in Los Angeles emphasizes the following topics:


  • CPR: Teaches students to administer hands-only and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to adults,children and infants.
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Use: Offers insights into AEDs, how they work, where to find them and how to use them during cardiac emergencies.
  • Choking Emergencies: Explains how to aid choking victims until advanced medical personnel are available.


Our classes for CPR certification in Los Angeles require approximately three hours to complete, and they are designed for people of all ages and skills levels. Upon successful completion of CPR training in Los Angeles, each student receives a certification card that stays valid for two years.


Why Should You Enroll in CPR Training in Los Angeles?


Common reasons why people sign up for our CPR certification classes in Los Angeles include:


  • Convenience: We offer classes at different times and days during the week, making it easy for people to become CPR-certified at their convenience.
  • Expertise: Our instructors consist of EMTs, paramedics, registered nurses (RNs), firefighters and other emergency responders who have performed CPR and teach students everything they need to know about how to perform CPR in real life.
  • Interactive Learning Experience: We use a combination of hands-on and classroom lessons to teach students how to perform life-saving techniques.
  • Instant Certification: We provide students with a CPR certification card the same day that they finish their training.


SureFire CPR takes the guesswork out of CPR certification. By enrolling in one of our CPR classes in Los Angeles, people can obtain the skills that they need to deliver critical assistance in cardiac emergencies.


Ready to sign up for classes for CPR certification in Los Angeles? To find out more about SureFire CPR and our CPR training courses in Los Angeles, please contact us today at (888) 277-3143.