Communities Seeing a Rise in In-School CPR Training Programs

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When we talk about onsite CPR certification, we tend to think about how this technique can be useful in the workplace.  After all, offices, factories, and retail outlets all over the country have trained professionals come on site and teach CPR basics.


Yet another area that is seeing a surge in onsite CPR training is in schools.  In this example, a Missouri teen spearheaded an effort to get every freshman in her school trained.


This may seem strange at first: CPR is usually administered in the event of cardiac arrest – an affliction that, thankfully, does not plague young children or students.  However, there may be other opportunities when a bystander needs to step in and help save the life of a fellow student or teacher.


And more importantly, students can take this knowledge with them outside of school, where these skills can certainly be used in any public place.  According to the American Heart Association, bystander CPR can boost survivor rates two- to three-times over.

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