Child or Infant CPR Training is a Must for Any Parent

 In Classes, First Aid

As we’ve previously discussed in this space, there are different varieties of CPR based on the age of the victim.  CPR performed on an adult, for example, is not the same as CPR performed on an infant.

As you can imagine, these differences are due to the relatively body weight of the individual who administers the CPR and the one receiving it.  Excessive force applied to a small child, naturally, can have an adverse effect.

All of this further underscores the importance of onsite CPR training for parents.

After all, if a child or an infant suffers from cardiac arrest or choking, every minute counts.  And while it is important that emergency personnel are called, a properly trained parent can buy valuable time buy opening the child’s airway thanks to CPR training.

As providers of CPR training in Southern California, we’ll ensure that you’ll be properly equipped should such an emergency occur.

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