Checklist for Fire Evacuation

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Does your home have a fire evacuation plan? How about your place of employment? In a dire emergency such as a fire, people will panic. Having a solid plan in place will help restore order and ultimately may help save lives.

Most people aren’t aware of how to respond in a crisis until it’s too late. There are some things you should be aware of when formulating a fire evacuation plan or procedure. And the following checklist is a great place to start.

  • Identify all acceptable exit areas. This includes access doors, fire escapes, large windows and more.
  • Pick a place for everyone to meet. A central location makes it easier to identify everyone.
  • Designate a safety coordinator. This person will have a list of all building occupants and, in the event of a fire, will make sure everyone is accounted for. If your safety coordinator also knows CPR, BLS, ACLS and other emergency life-saving procedures, that’s even better!
  • Know your local fire department’s phone number. It seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t know.
  • Practice makes perfect. Have random drills to simulate a fire evacuation. If mistakes are made, have the safety coordinator point out the flaws. Remember, just a minor mistake can cost lives during a fire evacuation.
  • Have a safety kit ready. In case anyone is injured when waiting for the fire department to arrive, this can help out in a big way!

These six steps are just a start. Depending on your home or business, you can add as necessary.

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