Calling 911 Might Not Be As Easy As You Think

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CPR or First Aid? Use a Landline if Possible

Is now the right time to call 911? It usually is better to err on the side of caution, particularly when it comes to emergencies. Thus, if you’re uncertain about whether to call 911, it is important to consider if the current situation requires an immediate response by firefighters, paramedics or police. And if the answer is a resounding “Yes,” you should call 911 right away.

Of course, making an effective 911 call can be difficult, as many people often struggle to stay calm in emergencies. Fortunately, we’re here to help you remain calm, cool and collected as you dial 911 for emergency support.

Here are three tips that you can use to complete a successful 911 call.

  1. Call 911 from a landline.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is in progress and you need to call 911.  Are there better ways to call than others? How can you get the Firefighters to your location fastest? Read on…
If possible, call 911 from a landline.  When calls are placed from a landline, the address and phone number show up on the 911 dispatcher’s computer screen.  When calling from a cell phone, your location is not pinpointed automatically.  Some cell phone providers have Enhanced 911(E911) that will track your location, but unfortunately, it is not the industry standard yet.  So, if you have the option, calling from a landline can save time in getting help to you!
For more information about E911, contact your cell phone service provider.
  1. Know your location.

Provide the 911 dispatcher with plenty of information about your location. For example, if there is a gate code, or multiple entrances, it helps to let the dispatcher know all the information so that he or she can send emergency responders to your location quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, don’t forget to provide the 911 dispatcher with a description of your surroundings. By doing so, you’ll make it easier for an emergency victim to receive the best support possible after emergency responders arrive on scene. If you have an extra person with you, send them outside to find the emergency responders. That will ensure they get to you as fast as possible.

  1. Stay on the line. 

Although there may be pauses or static when you’re on the line with a 911 dispatcher, you should avoid hanging up the call at all costs.

Remember, a 911 dispatcher is trained to assist you throughout the duration of a call  and can give you additional instructions on how to help the victim. This dispatcher will ask you questions about the emergency and victim, and you should try to remain patient to ensure that you can respond to the dispatcher’s queries to the best of your ability.

Did you know that you can provide life-saving assistance before medical personnel arrive on scene? That’s right, and with CPR training from SureFire CPR of Southern California, you can discover what it takes to deliver crucial support to emergency victims.

At SureFire CPR, we offer hands-on lessons to ensure students understand the ins and outs of CPR. Therefore, you’ll be better equipped to provide vital support to emergency victims in a wide range of life-threatening situations.

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    Hi Surefire cpr
    Interesting post. I never realized there was a difference from ringing from a cellphone or a landline.The sooner Enhanced 911(E911)becomes industry standard the better.
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