Brushing Up on Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training

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CPR skills are required by many professions. People who work in hospitals and doctor offices typically receive a CPR certification, as well as people who work with children. This type of training gives workers the skills needed to revive someone who suffers from cardiac arrest or other life-threatening emergencies. But mistakenly, many assume that one class or certificate is all they need. Sure, they may remember the training received for many years. However, some occupations require CPR renewal every two years.


Advance cardiac life support training can provide medical personnel, nurses, and doctors with the knowledge and skills to act during emergencies. This type of course not only includes CPR training, but also airway management and defibrillator training. Advance cardiac life support training teaches skills for resuscitating adults, whereas pediatric advance life support training is specific to infants, toddlers and children. Whatever course you take, having this knowledge or brushing up on your skills can potentially save a life.


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