BLS Training

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BLS (Basic Life Support) training is all about knowing how to administer those very first life savings procedures that could save a life.

Helping one feel confident in their ability to perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) in an emergency situation and feel competent in the administering those necessary life saving skills is what BLS training hopes to accomplish.

Being able to help circulate a minimum amount of oxygenated blood throughout a person’s body will help to slow the damage done to different parts. You are helping to buy time.

If someone goes into sudden cardiac arrest and there is a cessation or breathing, loss of consciousness, or something blocking the victim’s airways it is imperative that the immediate steps taken can keep the victim alive until the medical team arrives.

The first step is understanding when there is a medical emergency. Then one has to determine whether the victim is responsive, meaning do they moan or can they move, do they have a pulse? Calling 911 as soon as possible so they can dispatch someone to the home, is critical as time is of the essence.

Your BLS training will kick in and you will know the steps to take to keep this person alive until the first responders arrive. Proper BLS training can triple the chances that someone will survive!

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