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BLS Renewal

Job security is a major concern for many employees in the health care profession.  Given the changes in the economy and elevated standards in the workplace, particularly in hospital and pre-hospital settings, establishing value as an employee is crucial.  One of the best ways to make sure you are a valuable employee is to obtain and maintain basic certifications such as Basic Life Support (BLS certification). BLS Renewal classes are available at our 3 locations in Southern California.


SureFire CPR is Orange County’s number one educational resource for Basic Life Support Renewal Classes.  Offered on a daily basis, BLS renewal class schedules are designed to fit the needs of all who seek BLS renewal training.  Their instructors understand that busy professionals need options which fit in with demanding work schedules.  To accommodate individual needs, SureFire CPR offers BLS recertification in a wide variety of class days and hours, including weekends and evenings.

BLS renewal is an excellent opportunity to garner the essential skills needed to save a life!  As a provider of standard medical care, the daily utilization of essential lifesaving skills taught in BLS recertification is essential.  However, while those skills are attained, BLS techniques and methodology are not always used on a daily (or even monthly) basis.  SureFire CPR’s BLS recertification classes are designed to help you retain the information so that you will be ready to act when the time comes.

Each and every healthcare provider class administered through SureFire CPR is taught according to the internationally recognized American Heart Association (AHA) standards.  For those providers who regularly implement basic life support skills, a BLS certification renewal class taught according to the AHA standards, is an excellent review of the core lifesaving elements..

The AHA continually evaluates the efficacy of BLS science. Their researchers review the present elements of BLS and make changes to the standards regularly.  As a responsible provider of care, you can be assured that the SureFire CPR course provided meets the rigorous content requirements of the American Heart Association.  In each class, every student is given hands-on mannequin instruction and opportunities to practice. “Muscle memory” and theory are the essential elements of the practical application of Basic Life Support recertification.

Let SureFire CPR be your first stop when seeking accredited, American Heart Association approved training.  Together, let’s raise the bar and strive for excellence in BLS.