Basic Knowledge You Need

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Though it’s never pleasant to think about an emergency situation, taking a few moments to stop and seriously consider your level of preparation can make all the difference when you’ve only got a second or two in the moment itself. To keep you ready for the worst, consider taking advantage of the three top tips below:


1. Know How to Change a Tire: Knowing this basic skill can make or break an evening when you’re stranded on the side of the road. Ask someone in the know to teach you next time you have a free couple of hours, or watch how-to videos online.


2. Take an advanced CPR Class: Having experience with  Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training and  Pediatric Advanced Life Support Training not only makes you a good nurse, but a person who’s ready to save lives should an emergency ever arise. Search for a class near you and get started.


3. Have a “Safe” Word: Have a word that you can say to someone on the phone that indicates that you’re in trouble but can’t talk. Choosing the word in advance could be the thing that saves you from an awful situation.


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