Basic First Aid for Children

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There is no question society has become more active and with the many different opportunities for athletic events, water and snow activities, dance and gymnastics offered to children, it’s no wonder the risk for injury has increased somewhat with our younger population.  Would you know what to do to give assistance during the first few minutes after an injury occurred until professional help arrives?


Fortunately, the community has rallied around our efforts remain an active population as a whole supporting it by offering courses in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Basic First Aid.  Community programs such as those supported by the American Heart Association (AHA) and certifications received should be obtained from an authorized AHA provider such as those found in Orange County, California.


Taking the extra effort to teach children what to do when an injury occurs is valuable in their upbringing.  Teenagers are the highest statistical population for traumatic injury and providing basic skills for responding to an injury responsibly is a good idea.  Classes are fun and informative with subject such as:


–          Child safety

–          First aid basics

–          Rescue breathing

–          Medical emergencies – such as shock and seizures

–          Bleeding, head injuries, broken bones, burns, etc.

–          Environmental emergencies – such as bites and stings

–          Poison emergencies


Learning how to respond in an emergency at a young age gives confidence to the younger generation.  Being prepared as a community is always a safe way to live.


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