Babysitters and CPR

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The catch-phrase, “When the going gets tough – the tough gets going” is certainly true in this economy.  More and more people are finding it necessary to “up” their skills to become marketable in nearly every industry.  This holds true for babysitters as well.  So what can a baby sitter do to stand out when competition for work gets hotter?   Take a Basic Life Support (BLS) course and get skilled in CPR.


Certification programs are offered and encouraged by representing companies for daycare and babysitters.  A diverse opportunity for training and certification in babysitting include topics in babysitting techniques and child care tips, water safety and basic first aid.  Receiving certification and training in safety management and age specific care provides a professional presentation to parents seeking care for their children.  Having CPR listed as one of the valuable skills listed on a resume sets the babysitter apart from others.


Receiving training in CPR is easily obtained through community courses taught by American Heart Association (AHA) approved venues, such as SureFire CPR in Orange County, California.  Setting aside one afternoon to receive CPR training in a fun, non-stressful environment is an easy way to increase the competitive edge with child care companies and parents seeking help for their child care needs.


With CPR as an added skill, babysitters can confidently reassure parents they have the ability to react and respond to a sudden emergency, such as choking – a common emergency in children.  Listing CPR on a resume and profile allows potential families to rest assured they have hired a babysitter with a higher level of certification and experience.


Take that step to give yourself the competitive edge – take a CPR course today!


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