Another Day, Another Life Saved

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As reported by, two teenagers in Sioux Falls, SD saved the lives of two younger boys who nearly drowned in an apartment complex swimming pool:

Sioux Falls Police say the two boys were visiting friends at the apartments near East 10th Street and decided to go for a swim before they left. The 9-year-old boy slipped and fell into the deep end; the 13-year-old boy jumped into save him, but neither boy could swim. Fortunately, two teenagers heard the commotion, pulled the boys from the water and began performing CPR.

CPR courses are a required part of the curriculum in the Sioux Falls school district. While the debate continues to rage over whether all schools should require CPR training, it is stories like this that inspire many to obtain certification on their own.


Onsite CPR Training at a state of the art  Orange County CPR Certification facility is a step you or your business can take to bring some of the Midwestern values that saved two lives today, to Southern California. It may be a skill you may never think you would use, but then again, so did the heroic teens in South Dakota.

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