American Heart Association’s Hands-Only Technique Seeks to Simplify CPR

 In Classes, First Aid

Most people can agree that having as many people trained in proper CPR technique is a good thing. Yet occasionally individuals who are trained in CPR are sometimes reluctant to administer the mouth-to-mouth component of the technique.

There are reasons for this. One, people may simply be uncomfortable with it. Second, the technique itself is difficult; an individual may waste valuable time in trying to establish what’s known as a proper airway technique.

In response, the American Heart Association has developed a “hands only” method that hopes to increase the number of certified individuals while also improve outcomes when applied in real-life.

The “hands only” method is precisely that: individuals simply place their hands on the victim’s chest and push hard and fast at a rate of 100 per minute. This method is in response to recent medical findings showing that applying chest compressions in early cardiac arrest is more effective than mouth-to-mouth breathing.

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