American Heart Association Lobbies for CPR Training for Middle and High Schoolers

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A popular notion is that CPR should only be administered by adults. Yet many groups, including the American Heart Association, are looking to change that.


The group is lobbying New York State lawmakers and school administrators to offer CPR training to middle and high school students. It’s worth nothing that the group is not explicitly asking that students receive mandated training and certification. They feel that role is still best suited for adults and coaches.


In as much as training is concerned, however, the Association notes that children as young as nine or ten can effectively employ the technique to save lives.


The Association’s logic is sound. In many sports, middle or high school athletes often practice with minimal supervision. They also practice on their own, with no supervision whatsoever. In these instances, where every second counts, a middle or high school child with even minor CPR training can make a difference.


At SureFire CPR we offer training for all ages and are happy to provide training to your middle school or high school aged child.

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