Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training

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If you work with heart patients or assist with cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a medical setting, you’ll greatly benefit from advanced cardiac life support training. This type of training isn’t available to just anyone, and it’s slightly different from a basic CPR class. Even if you’ve received medical training and have the necessary skills to assist with heart patients, continuing your education and taking additional courses will only enhance your skills.


Advanced cardiac life support training (ACLS)  is available at different facilities, including medical hospitals. This classroom-based course is designed to strengthen your skills and it provides you with up-to-date tips for helping adults who suffer from cardiac arrest and other heart-related illnesses. Preventing cardiac arrest and treating cardiac arrest is essential to survival in a life-threatening emergency. And the more advanced cardiac life support training you receive, the better.


Let SureFire CPR be your source for cardiac training and other types of medical training. Contact us today for pricing information or to enroll in one of our group courses.  We offer ACLS Classes in Orange County on a regular basis!

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