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The ACLS Challenge is for students who perform ACLS on a daily basis & choose to renew by testing out.

Ready to renew your Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification? Enroll in the ACLS Renewal Challenge course from SureFire CPR, and you can take advantage of a high-quality ACLS training program.

What Is the ACLS Challenge?

The ACLS Challenge course is designed for individuals who do not require a classroom review of American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines.

To qualify for the ACLS Challenge course, you must meet the follow criteria:

  • Possess a valid AHA ACLS provider card.
  • Have served as an approved ACLS provider for at least three years.
  • Work in a critical or emergency care setting and encounter pre-cardiac arrest patients regularly.
  • Be able to apply ACLS standards in written and practical exams.

You also will need to review AHA-approved ACLS study materials and complete a pre-test before you attend this class.

How Long Does the ACLS Challenge Take to Complete?

This class requires approximately 90 minutes, and each student will be receive one-on-one evaluation. In addition, you will earn a certification card on the same day you pass our ACLS Challenge. If you are ordering a textbook for Pick-Up, please call ahead of time to make an appointment to pick up your book as our office hours can change based on our class schedule.

What Happens If I Fail the Course?

The ACLS Challenge course is intended for experienced providers only. Therefore, retesting will not be provided.  If you do fail the Challenge, you will be required to register for an ACLS renewal course.

Also, continuing education units are not available for this course.

Why Should I Choose the ACLS Challenge?

At SureFire CPR, our team of experienced medical professionals will help you renew your ACLS certification in no time at all. And as part of our ACLS Challenge, we’ll share our expert insights and ensure you know the ins and outs of ACLS. Select your options below and register for the ACLS Challenge.