A Walk a Day Keeps CPR Away

So does an apple, or so it is said…


Have you considered the benefits of taking a walk today?  Now that spring has officially made its entrance into 2012, sidewalks are being deluged upon by walking enthusiasts.  What a great sight – the event of warmer days and a desire to be outside and moving.


Numerous benefits from enjoying a day in the warm spring weather arise without conscious thought. Emotional and mental health is bolstered, decreasing stress and increasing endorphins supporting the limbic system which ultimately create that familiar feeling of happiness.  Cardiac muscles strengthen leading to decreased blood pressure and increased cardiac wellness.  Lungs are filled with rich, fresh oxygen saturating the cells in the bloodstream providing energy, increased metabolism and an alert mind.


With consistency, walking as little as 30 minutes daily can improve your health and change your life.  Little acts such as walking the dog, walking the length of the parking lot at the mall (instead of parking in the closest parking stall), taking the stairs instead of the elevator or just enjoying a daily walk around your neighborhood or park is all that is required to make a difference.  Keeping step with a wellness program toward walking frequently can propel you away from the possible emergent call for BLS responders and possible CPR in life-threatening events.


Find an excuse to take a walk, enjoy the warm spring days and fill your mind, heart and lungs with fresh air every day.  You’ll be glad you did.


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