A Promise to Prevent Preposterous Paramedic Petitions for 2012

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That was a mouthful of alliteration, a clever collection of words compiled to say, “Resolve to respect the 9-1-1 call and use of the emergency response system this year.”


Most likely, this isn’t an issue for the majority and the thought of calling 9-1-1 is prohibitive.  However, for some the question of when to call for medical help is paramount and under-use or inappropriate use of the 9-1-1 call occasionally occurs.  So when is the right time to call?


The answer really lies in the question.  Should there be enough concern to consider calling for an ambulance, you probably should call.  Better to err on the side of conservative action then take no action at all and find yourself the victim of a crisis.  Particularly is this true when responding to a witnessed event in which bystander CPR is required.  During such times, advanced preparation can make all the difference.  Courses are offered in community settings, such as the Orange County CPR Classes taught in southern California.


Even with the appropriate 9-1-1 summon, you can still follow a few simple guidelines below (consider them a New Year’s resolution to avoid the paramedic-predicament-plunder):


  1.  I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the paramedic     when he asks me my chief complaint.
  2. I promise not to change my chief complaint when I talk to the nurse.
  3. I promise to avoid the “Big Dumb” – ie: calling again and again for the same stupid stunt I knew I shouldn’t have done…the FIRST time I did it.
  4. I promise to be nice to the paramedic the entire time he is caring for me – after all it wasn’t his fault I got injured in the first place and it isn’t his job to share in my pain.
  5. I promise to get out of the way when I see fire trucks, police cars or ambulances with lights and sirens blaring and NOT follow them just to see what happened.

And lastly –


I promise to thank the next paramedic / firefighter I see for the wonderful work they do to keep me and my loved ones safe, cared for and protected.


Bonus Resolution –


I promise to obtain my Basic Life Support Certification so I can be prepared in an emergency.




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