5 Workplace Safety Tips to Avoid a Potential CPR Situation

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This is a special guest blog from Certifyme.net, a major provider of forklift certification.


Medical emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time, it’s always a good idea to have a plan in place – especially at work. SureFire CPR’s training program has been added to many workplaces and businesses. Just like Surefire, CertifyMe gives people the tools and skills to prevent potential disasters, like forklifts accidents at warehouses, dockyards and more.

People who use Surefire CPR include forklift drivers, supervisors, heavy equipment operators and many other types of workers. Because we always want the workplace to be a safer area, here are 5 safety tips for avoiding a potential CPR situation.


1) Make sure all wires and electrical devices are properly put away. Since cardiac arrest can be caused by electrocution, protect all wires and boxes. Only trained electricians should have access to dangerous areas.


2) Keep the air flowing. Another common cause of cardiac arrest at work, is blacking out because no oxygen is flowing to the brain. If a worker has to enter a room with poor air quality, make sure they have a co-worker ready to help.


3) Follow proper procedures. Serious accidents can trigger cardiac arrest in the workplace. Review your employer’s safety information to prevent accidents and CPR from happening.


4) Know your emergency numbers. CPR should be performed before EMT’s arrive. Sometimes, a quick call to an ambulance service or hospital ensures they’re already on their way before CPR needs to be administered.


5) Provide rewards for being healthy. Many employers provide a rewards program for living a healthy life. Gym memberships, non-smoking programs and other programs can drop your health insurance costs and prevent a cardiac arrest from happening.


We hope these tips are useful for your own workplace. Planning ahead is a great tool for preventing serious emergencies. Additionally, a proper certification for forklift operators can help avoid bad accidents at work.

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