5 Benefits of Working Part Time as a CPR Instructor

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Have you ever been in a CPR certification class and wondered how your instructor became your instructor? That there must be some ultra-rigorous class and test to pass — right? Not quite. Though intensive, becoming a certified CPR instructor isn’t anywhere near as difficult as you would imagine. Not to mention that there is currently a shortage of CPR instructors in Southern California, which means there are ample job opportunities. Further, there are many benefits of working as a CPR instructor beyond the extra money it puts into your pocket.

Whether you are a student in the medical field or just someone who’s passionate about helping people, becoming a part-time CPR instructor is an excellent way to earn some extra cash and prepare yourself for the next major steps in life. Once you get the hang of teaching the CPR course part time, it becomes a simple and easy way to make money and help people on the side that won’t totally max out your precious free time. Below, our team at SureFire CPR discuss the 5 benefits of working as a CPR instructor.


1. Make a Difference that Saves Lives

There’s a reason why most CPR instructors teach chest compressions to the beat of the hit Bee Gee’s disco song “Staying Alive.” Not only does humming “Staying Alive” get you to do your chest compressions at 120 compressions per minute, but it also reminds you why you’re learning CPR in the first place: to help people stay alive. According to data collected in 2014 by the American Heart Association, “nearly 45 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims survived when bystander CPR was administered.” As many already know, those first few minutes after someone has undergone a cardiac arrest are the most important in determining if a person is going to survive a cardiac arrest or be one of the nearly 500,000 American citizens or 17.5 million global citizens to die each year from cardiac arrest. You becoming a CPR instructor makes a difference — one more instructor means more CPR classes are taught, more people on the streets can administer CPR, and as a consequence more lives are saved. In the end, your part-time job means that more victims of cardiac arrest will survive to see their friends and families again.


2. A Flexible Schedule

Is your schedule jam-packed and ever-changing? Don’t worry, so are the schedules of many of the people trying to get their CPR certifications. That is why any worthwhile CPR certification company offers up a wide variety of time windows for CPR certification classes. Nowadays there are not enough CPR instructors to fill all the teaching slots, so if you only have a window of availability on Tuesday nights, Thursday afternoons, or Sunday mornings, it’s almost certain that you will be able to find a CPR instruction facility nearby that is willing to work with your schedule. Unlike more advanced first responder courses, CPR courses are short (usually running only a few hours) so you won’t have to completely alter your schedule to become a CPR instructor.


3. A Resume Builder

Fearing how you will fair once you’re out of school and try to land a great job in a bloated job market? Having a great resume is one of the best ways to distinguish yourself from all of the other hungry job seekers out there. In the adult world, there isn’t a surplus of excellent opportunities to show off your natural leadership skills. Give your leadership and social-service strengths some real credentials on your resume by becoming a CPR instructor. In the highly-competitive fields of firefighting, law enforcement, and healthcare, it can be extremely challenging to demonstrate your value over the hundreds of other applicants — which is why every accolade counts. Being a certified CPR instructor shows hospitals, fire departments, and other employers that you have natural leadership skills, the ability to teach and communicate well in large group (and one on one) settings, and that you already have a desire to give back to your community.


4. A Great Networking Opportunity

If you are looking to start a career in the medical field but have little to no network to connect with in hopes of procuring a job, becoming a CPR instructor is a great way to expand your (maybe nonexistent) network. CPR certifications last for just two years, so medical professionals are constantly getting recertified in CPR and BLS. Being a CPR instructor is one of the best ways to prove your competence as a leader and teacher to the countless medical professionals cycling in and out of CPR recertification courses. While rubbing elbows while you are teaching doesn’t make for the best introduction, a firm handshake and an exchange of contacts as you hand medical professionals their 2-year certification card can make all the difference when you take the first step (or next step) in the hiring process. As long as you do a good job teaching the course, professionals are bound to take notice.


5. Extra Pocket Money

It’s as simple as this: if you need extra money, becoming a CPR instructor is a great way to pad your bank account. Many medical students are swimming in loans. Trainers have it tough in off-seasons. Part-time professionals of all kinds can always use a bit more dough. In all of these situations, becoming a CPR instructor is a great money-making solution. Part-time jobs that will simultaneously fit into your busy schedule, not completely drain you of your energy, and pay you great rate tend to be extremely hard to come by. If you’re looking for a way to earn extra money, look no further than a part-time position as a CPR Instructor.


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Considering taking the next step and becoming a CPR Instructor in the greater Southern California Area? Our team Surefire CPR has you covered. We have an elite staff of medical professionals teaching our classes, and we’re looking for great additions to our organization. Help us continue to grow as the premier CPR instruction company in Southern California, and help the greater LA area become the safest and most reliable area in the world for people suffering cardiac arrest. We also have been recognized every year since 2014 as a “Top Workplace in Orange County” (based solely off employee reviews) Visit our employment page for more details on how you can become a certified CPR Instructor and help save lives. Have more questions about the benefits of working as a CPR instructor? Contact us!



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