Free Hands-Only CPR Classes at the Orange County Health and Wellness Fair

SureFire CPR, the leading provider of CPR training in Orange County, hosted free Hands-Only CPR classes at the Orange County Health and Wellness Fair on Saturday August 23, 2014 from 9am to 3:30pm. The life-saving CPR classes were offered every hour on the stage throughout the day.

Hands-Only CPR provides potentially lifesaving techniques needed to respond in emergency situations; however, there is no mouth-to-mouth contact. As more than a quarter of a million Americans face situations each year where CPR is needed, the class will allow you to properly respond during events of cardiac arrest, drowning, and respiratory distress. Although rescue breaths aren’t used with Hands-Only CPR, the chance of survival for the patient is drastically increased due to the use of chest compressions.

CPR training at the Orange County Fair As SureFire CPR offers numerous CPR training classes that meet the American Heart Association’s Guidelines, we proudly volunteer our knowledge and experience to help the American Red Cross reach their goal of educating 5 million people about Hands-Only CPR.

Every hour on August 23, 2014, SureFire CPR volunteered our services to properly train fair attendees of the proper methods to use during the event of an emergency. By completing a short Hands-Only CPR class, you’ll be able to more than double a person’s chance for survival during an emergency.

You can join SureFire CPR and the American Red Cross’s movement to help save lives with CPR by signing up for CPR certification courses and others from our CPR Classes page.

SureFire CPR is an industry leader in professional CPR and First Aid courses in Southern California. Lead by certified and experienced professionals, SureFire CPR strives to help customers achieve a number of CPR certifications, including CPR, BLS, ACLS, PALS, and NRP. SureFire uses real-life knowledge and hands-on training to meet the American Heart Association’s Guidelines for CPR certifications. It is their passion and commitment to provide the skills and training needed to save lives.

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CPR for Students is Required in NJ; Coming to California, Too?

CPR for Students is Required in NJ; Coming to California, Too?

CPR for Students is Required in NJ; Coming to California, Too?

With the emphasis on school safety stronger than ever, New Jersey is taking a bold approach. Starting this school year, all New Jersey high school students will be required to have CPR training.

The initiative has gained momentum throughout the last decade, and legislators finally thought the time was right to act. Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno signed a law recently, which requires all high school students (in New Jersey, defined as 9th through 12th grade) to acquire CPR training.

Governor Chris Christie has been a proponent of the legislation, but couldn’t sign the bill due to his current travel schedule. Guadagno is serving as acting governor with Gov. Chris Christie out of the state.

“This law will save lives,” Guadagno said. “These critical skills are easy to study and, as we heard today, can make all the difference in the globe to an individual in cardiac arrest. Our actions today assure that additional residents than ever will be equipped when the unthinkable occurs.”

CPR training has been a staple of health classes for a while, but taking the step to actually require students to become properly trained hasn’t enjoyed widespread support.

In 2013, Lois Capps, a Congressional representative of California’s 24th District, proposed a bill to require school students to become CPR certified. The bill hasn’t been passed yet, but given the state’s progressive brand of politics, there is still hope for Capps’s bill.

It’s not surprising that New Jersey and California are always in the news regarding school-based CPR certification. Both states generally have a more liberal stance on issues, particularly those involving children. Critics of the CPR legislation think it’s too overbearing, while some people think that lawmakers haven’t gone far enough to aggressively pursue the requirement.

Should the NJ law come to California, SureFire CPR will become a leading source of top quality, low cost training. We offer ACLS, CRP and BLS instruction, along with the best CPR training in SoCal. We’ve trained EMT technicians, firefighters, lifeguards, nurses and other medical personnel with life-saving procedures. Should Rep. Capps’s bill become a reality, just give us a call at (888) 277-3143 to schedule your classes.

Stay up to date on pending CPR laws by reading the SureFire CPR blog. And thanks again for stopping by!

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Essential Safety Items to Pack When Going Camping

Camping is one of the most popular American outdoor activities. From pitching a tent in the backyard to extensive trips to national parks, it’s an excellent way to have fun and create memories. And to make sure those memories are fond ones, you’ll want to be prepared as you head into the Great Outdoors.

These essential safety items should be in everybody’s backpack.

Essential Safety Items to Pack When Going Camping

Essential Safety Items to Pack When Going Camping

  • Flashlights. Depending on how remote your campsite is, flashlights are absolutely essential. Power outlets are not always available, and when it gets dark in the wilderness, it gets DARK.
  • Extra batteries. This means for flashlights, cell phones, radios – everything that requires a battery.
  • Trash bags. Really? Trash bags are a safety item? If you don’t believe it, consider that stray garbage can not only attract insects, but really big animals. Like wolves and bears. Keep your campsite clean, and there’s less of a chance for those unwanted visitors.
  • Insect repellent: Left untreated, bug bites can turn into infections. Prevent them from happening in the first place.
  • Extra water. Just in case your supply goes bad, have some extra H2O on hand. The same applies for food – you can never have enough extra provisions.
  • First aid kit. Nothing elaborate, just a basic kit with gauze, bandages, ointment, tape and the like. Ice packs are also a good idea to treat sprained joints and to help out with bug bites and other injuries.
  • Lighters and matches. If you need to cook food or even signal help from the ground, you’ll need these items. And let’s be honest – who wants to rub sticks together for hours?

For those extreme emergencies (especially during a camping session), nothing prepares you like high-quality BLS, ACLS, CRP and other emergency training. Southern California’s leading CPR trainer, SureFire CPR, offers a full range of courses for beginners, experienced medical care workers and everyone in between. With EMT technicians, firefighters, nurses and other professionals on our staff, we’re ready to help you today!

Please call (888) 277-3143 for more on our complete line of emergency preparedness training courses.

Thanks for reading our blog!

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Rockin’ the Summer with Kids Play

Nearly every mother who’s met long hot summer days with energetic kids just freed from another year of school has faced that dreaded moment when she couldn’t stand it anymore. The frolicsome vitality that comes with the promise of summertime seems to literally burst from kids everywhere. I recall my own mother exclaiming (in desperation for some peace), “Go outside and find something to do.” Those were the days when “going outside” was a welcome assignment – long hours spent in water fights with the buddies, exploring the neighborhood on bikes, climbing trees or swimming at the local pool awaited the command, “find something to do.”

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Safety in Numbers

Think disco and almost always the same song that hit Billboard’s number one song in February 1978 pops into mind. Its title is almost prophetic and singing that same number one song today could save somebody’s life.  The secret is in the beat!


Stayin’ Alive released in the mid-seventies by the Bee-Gees has evolved, becoming a valuable tool when a life is on the line. Training taught through certification centers such as Sure Fire CPR in Orange County, uses the rhythm of Stayin’ Alive to help students pace compressions delivered during cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR.   With a tempo of 100 musical beats per minute, the song lends itself well to pacing the correct rate of contractions for effective circulation given through CPR.

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Group Activities for Your Office – How CPR Training Can Bring Your Office Together

CPR training can save lives. And it can also be an excellent way to build office camaraderie.

Are Men More Susceptible to Cardiac Arrest?

Are Men More Susceptible to Cardiac Arrest?

Managers and supervisors would agree – it’s never a bad time to increase employee morale. CPR training might not seem like an ideal event to have fun, but it’s actually the perfect method for creating some unexpected office entertainment.

Let’s say you work in the accounting department. It’s highly likely you don’t get a chance to mingle with the folks in shipping & receiving too often. Likewise, upper management probably doesn’t interact with production workers on a frequent basis.

Enter a CPR training session.

This type of get-together is not just a chance to learn crucial life-saving skills. You can enjoy some inter-department communication. It’s a great chance to meet new faces (recent hires, interns, etc.). And if the instructor is game, the class can incorporate some healthy competition. For instance, your office can split up into groups to see who has the best reaction times, CPR procedures and teamwork.

Best of all, the simulated session only FEELS like a real-life emergency. If one of your team members forgets to dial 9-1-1, well, the manikin won’t complain.

If nothing else, CPR training lets everyone get away from their daily tasks for a few hours. And who knows? Those employees from the other end of the building might just turn into friends outside the office!

If you’d like to schedule an inspiring training session (either at your facility or our convenient office locations), SureFire CPR is the sure-fire way to go. In addition to our CPR training, we have PALS certification programs, ACLS classes and much more. Plus, we have a new office location and a professional, friendly staff second to none in the industry.

Would you like to learn more about SureFire CPR? Just call (888) 277-3143 to speak with our customer service team, or check out our contact page. We can help your office with any CPR training event.

Thanks again for reading the SureFire CPR blog!

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Checklist for Fire Evacuation

Does your home have a fire evacuation plan? How about your place of employment? In a dire emergency such as a fire, people will panic. Having a solid plan in place will help restore order and ultimately may help save lives.

Checklist for Fire Evacuation

Checklist for Fire Evacuation

Most people aren’t aware of how to respond in a crisis until it’s too late. There are some things you should be aware of when formulating a fire evacuation plan or procedure. And the following checklist is a great place to start.

  • Identify all acceptable exit areas. This includes access doors, fire escapes, large windows and more.
  • Pick a place for everyone to meet. A central location makes it easier to identify everyone.
  • Designate a safety coordinator. This person will have a list of all building occupants and, in the event of a fire, will make sure everyone is accounted for. If your safety coordinator also knows CPR, BLS, ACLS and other emergency life-saving procedures, that’s even better!
  • Know your local fire department’s phone number. It seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t know.
  • Practice makes perfect. Have random drills to simulate a fire evacuation. If mistakes are made, have the safety coordinator point out the flaws. Remember, just a minor mistake can cost lives during a fire evacuation.
  • Have a safety kit ready. In case anyone is injured when waiting for the fire department to arrive, this can help out in a big way!

These six steps are just a start. Depending on your home or business, you can add as necessary.

We hope this blog can enhance your company’s safety policies. To further bolster your total safety plan, why not give SureFire CPR a call? We offer PALS certification programs, CPR classes, BLS courses and much more. As Southern California’s premier CPR training company, we have convenient office locations, a dedicated staff and the most flexible instruction options available anywhere.

SureFire CPR can come to your facility, and we can also instruct individuals & groups at any of our offices.Contact us today to set up your classes. Or, just give us a call at (888) 277-3143.

Thank you for visiting our website! Stay tuned for more updates on safety procedures, the CPR industry and much more!


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CPR Certification Can Save a Life

After receiving her CPR Certification with SureFire CPR, Candy Lopez saved her husband’s life!

It was a typical Monday evening at Candy’s house in Anaheim. Candy, her husband, and kids sat down for a dinner of hot dogs. Her son went to the garage to get a soda and the next thing Candy knew, he was screaming for her to come quickly to help.

When Candy ran into the garage, she was alarmed to see her husband – red-faced and coughing as her son was hitting him on the back. Her son looked over with a panicked look and said “He’s choking!”  Remembering the training from her CPR course, she immediately told him not to hit him in the back and she looked at her husband and encouraged him to keep coughing.

Candy’s husband looked at her, his face scarlet and said, “I can’t breathe!” Candy replied, “If you can cough and talk, you can breathe.”

CPR Classes - Heimlich Maneuver

Image courtesy of Patricia Rasch –

Very shortly afterward he stopped coughing at which point Candy tapped him on his arm and asked, “Are you ok?” to which he shook his head and looked at her like she was crazy. Then she asked, ” Do you need help?” Candy’s husband shot her another “are you crazy” look and nodded furiously.

Candy asked, “Can I help you?” and he kept nodding.  At this point she was standing behind him, holding her thumb up, and wrapping one hand over the other.  She proceeded to give her husband the Heimlich. The hot dog flew out and her husband started breathing and coughing one again.

Candy says the sense of calm she felt while those last few minutes had occurred was gone and in its place was pure adrenaline. Not only had she just taken her CPR and First Aid class only a week before, but she had just used what she had learned on one of her family members.

Candy says, “My son graduated high school a couple of days afterwards, and both my husband and I were there – thanks to my CPR class! Thank you, SureFire CPR!”

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F.A.S.T. – The Warning Signs of a Stroke

Spring is a time for new beginnings – a time to step back outside and feel the fresh air and sunshine that permeate with the new season; a time to plant new seeds, ideas and adventures in life; a time to learn vital information that can save the life of a loved one.


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Why Every Nurse or Nursing Student Should take a PALS Class

Every profession has its own unique “knowledge base” of skills & tools. Mastery of this knowledge is critical for getting ahead in your chose career field. And for any nurse (RN, LPN, visiting nurse) or a nursing student, Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) training is paramount.

Why Every Nurse or Nursing Student Should take a PALS Class

Why Every Nurse or Nursing Student Should take a PALS Class

Let’s look at PALS training for a nurse two different perspectives: professional and practical.

Professional: Just like any other career, the nursing field puts a premium on acquiring useful skills. And without PALS on your resume, you’re bypassing some terrific opportunities. In addition to your CPR and other qualifications, PALS opens many doors. With PALS certification, you can work in various children’s health clinics, hospitals and also act as a visiting nurse for critically ill infants and children. Additionally, PALS is useful for those students “moving on” in their career path, whether they’re trying to become a doctor or choosing a different path that involves children. Teachers and pediatric physical therapists are just two that come to mind.

Practical: Here’s the thing about PALS training – it doesn’t take a ton of time or expense. Our class (either initial or renewal instruction) covers all the essential elements, including airway management, pediatric case studies, BLS review and much more. In only 12 hours (divided over 2 days), you’ll gain life-changing, live-saving skills that can be immediately applied to your nursing career. And if you’re a student, PALS training acts as a springboard to exciting job possibilities right out of school!

Essentially, the question isn’t, “Why should a nurse or nursing student sign up for PALS training?” The question is, “Why not?”

SureFire CPR is all about saving lives. Aside from our top-flight PALS certification program, we also offer comprehensive CPR, BLS, ALS training and more. With a brand new office and a professional & dedicated staff, we’re the best choice for obtaining medical-related accreditation in Southern California and beyond.

For more information about our flexible and affordable training classes, please call us at (888) 277-3143. And remember, your schedule is our schedule. We realize nurses and nursing students have limited availability. Contact us today to set up your PALS class. In the nursing field, PALS knowledge is a key to career advancement.

Thanks again for reading the SureFire CPR blog!

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